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Avenida Dr Olivio Lira, 353Avenida Dr Olivio Lira, 353
Vila Velha (ES) - CEP, 29101-950
Vila Velha (ES) - CEP, 29101-950Shopping praia da costa, torre central Salas 1201, 1202, 1203


Located in the vibrant city of Vitoria, the Del Corona & Scardigli Brazil office serves as a key center for import and export shipping services. With Brazil's expanding economy presenting new opportunities for trade, this office plays a pivotal role in facilitating efficient logistics solutions.
The Vitoria office is strategically positioned to capitalize on the emerging prospects within the Brazilian market. With a focus on import and export shipping, the office caters to the diverse logistical needs of clients, leveraging its expertise and knowledge of the local trade landscape.
Brazil's growing economy offers a wealth of opportunities for international trade. The Vitoria office, recognizing this potential, excels in identifying and capitalizing on these emerging trade routes, facilitating smooth import and export operations for clients.
The dedicated team at the Vitoria office possesses deep expertise in international logistics and the Brazilian market. They navigate the complexities of customs regulations, coordinate shipments, and manage documentation with precision, ensuring compliance and efficient handling of goods.
The strategic location of the Vitoria office within Brazil provides access to key ports, airports, and transportation networks. This advantageous position enables Del Corona & Scardigli Brazil to offer timely and reliable logistics services, seamlessly connecting clients to national and global markets.
In summary, the Del Corona & Scardigli Brazil office in Vitoria is a vital center for import and export shipping services, poised to capitalize on the expanding opportunities within Brazil's dynamic economy. With its dedicated team, expertise in international logistics, and strategic positioning, the office delivers efficient and tailored logistics solutions, supporting the success of clients in Vitoria and beyond.

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