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Our History

U. Del Corona & Scardigli S.r.l was born from the merger of two companies with great traditions in shipping: Umberto Del Corona and Fratelli Scardigli. In 2001, these two companies decided to make a radical change to their structures through a merger to achieve strategic strengthening, a better and broader service offering, and a consolidation of their presence in the shipping market.

Our History

U. Del Corona

The company was founded in 1874 as "Odoardo Del Corona", initially transshipping goods on "navicelli" through port canals. After the founder's death, his sons renamed the company "Fratelli Del Corona fu Odoardo" and focused on transporting limestone for Cementeria Italiana. In 1932, it became "Ditta Umberto Del Corona", continuing to expand its activities in the chemical and mining sectors, handling 600,000 tons of products annually in the 1950s and 60s. From the 1970s, the company adapted to new technologies, developing container-based transport services.


Fratelli Scardigli

Founded in 1946, Fratelli Scardigli initially dealt with rail shipments and distribution in Livorno and Sardinia. In the 1950s, it expanded its maritime activities with a fleet of six ships. In 1970, it focused on international shipments, customs services, warehousing, and distribution. During the 1970s, it established a long-lasting partnership with ENI's chemical sector. The company's growth led to the opening of offices in La Spezia in 1989 and Milan in 1995 and the development of an international network of agents. The company built new warehouses and developed third-party transport services while maintaining a constant focus on service quality.


U. Del Corona & Scardigli

U. Del Corona & Scardigli S.r.l was founded in 2001 from the merger of Ditta Umberto Del Corona and Fratelli Scardigli, aiming to strengthen the company's strategy and expand service offerings in the shipping market. The merger integrated existing structures, expanded the operational base, and developed the organization technologically, maintaining service quality. The company internationalized by opening branches in major countries worldwide. In 2006, it established Eurteam, a company composed of five major Logistics Providers to offer customized solutions for the chemical sector's distribution chain.



Expansion into the United States with the opening of branches in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Lyndhurst, Denver, Boston, Atlanta, and Houston.


DCS Canada, DCS Mexico, Carbonitalia

Opening of branches in Canada in Montreal and Toronto, and in Mexico in Mexico City, Leon, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Merida, and Aguascalientes. Integration of the Carbonitalia division, specializing in the production and marketing of activated carbons.


DCS Brazil

Expansion into Brazil with the opening of branches in Joinville, Vitoria, São Paulo, Pocos de Caldas, and Santos.


DCS China

Opening of branches in China in Shanghai, Ningbo, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Nanjing.


DCS India, DCS Australia

Expansion into India with the opening of branches in Chennai, Mundra, Bangalore, and New Delhi, and in Australia with the opening of branches in Melbourne and Sydney.


DCS Liburnus, DCS Chile

Acquisition of Liburnus, a company with over 40 years of experience in managing door-to-door shipments of oversized and heavy goods, as well as turnkey projects for major Italian manufacturers worldwide. Opening of a branch in Chile in Santiago.


DCS Russia, DCS U.K.

Opening of branches in Russia, based in Moscow, and in the United Kingdom, based in Felixstowe.


DCS Tramaco

Acquisition of Tramaco, a company with over 30 years of experience in food transport, specializing mainly in transporting food to ensure its quality and freshness.


DCS Spain, DCS U.A.E.

Opening of branches in Spain in Barcelona, Zaragoza, Valencia, Irun, and Alicante, and in the United Arab Emirates in Dubai.


DCS Slovenia

Opening of a branch in Slovenia in Koper.


DCS Fiorini

Acquisition of Fiorini Sped, a company specializing in customs operations and the transport of valuable and delicate goods, including artworks.


DCS Poland

Opening of a DCS Tramaco branch in Poland in Lødz.


DCS Korea

Opening of a branch in Korea in Seoul.


DCS Move

Acquisition of the majority of Dlg Move, a Tuscan company specializing in contract logistics, to further strengthen its positioning in the third-party logistics market.

Expanding horizons,
growing together.


We grow together with our clients, becoming a key player in their supply chain and commercial relationships..


Transparency and fairness are key words for us to achieve a true long-term "partnership" with our clients.


Volumes and economies of scale of large companies while maintaining the flexibility and proactivity of small businesses.

Our History


  • Luigi Del Corona President

    Trade and Marketing, VIPS Account Service, Purchasing on Freight and Services, Chartering

  • Fulvio D’Angelo

    R&D, VIPS Account Service, Branch Offices and Worldwide Network, Warehousing and Logistics Distribution

Future Challenges

Expand Our Network

We are expanding our international presence through new branches and partnerships to offer comprehensive global logistics services.

Advanced Technologies

We invest in innovative technological solutions to optimize business efficiency and integrate with our clients' platforms.

Motivation and Commitment

We promote a stimulating and rewarding work environment through training programs and incentives to maintain high morale and commitment among our team.

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