U. Del Corona & Scardigli has adopted its own Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Code of Conduct, which defines the value system and rules of conduct applied by the Company to the various stakeholders in relation to the pillars of sustainability, i.e., the issues of environmental protection, social impact and corporate governance.

This Code is not an absolute novelty for U. Del Corona & Scardigli, as it condenses and systematizes the various already observed policies of anti-corruption, human rights, environment, health and safety and social responsibility, in full compliance also with the Code of Ethics and the Organization and Management Model according to the Legislative Decree 231/2001 introduced as of 2018.

With the ESG Code of Conduct each of the pillars of sustainability – Environmental, Social and Governance – has been associated with specific guidelines and rules of conduct that U. Del Corona & Scardigli’s management and staff of are required to observe daily when acting inside the company and towards all parties with which the Company relates when performing its activities.

The above is intended to best accompany the process of progressively integrating sustainability into the Company’s strategy in the belief that economic growth, social cohesion and environmental protection must go hand in hand in order to guarantee equitably distributed income, employment and well-being on a lasting basis, while preserving efficiency, reliability and reputation within the economic and social context in which the Company operates, also through its subsidiaries and affiliates.

To ensure the widest knowledge of the ESG Code of Conduct, the text of the document is published directly on the company website

Therefore, all the addresses are invited to look at this document since it completes the management of relations between U. Del Corona & Scardigli and the recipients of this circular.

Anyone interested in more information or clarifications on this matter can contact Mr. Riccardo Andreani via email  who is the person in charge for ESG issues inside U. Del Corona & Scardigli.

Download ESG (pdf format)